Photo Gallery from our Haitian Mission - 2015


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Educate Pastors


Most church leaders do not have Bibles. Instead they rely on their knowledge of the scriptures from stories or just background. Both can lead to misunderstandings of the Gospel.


The Mission:


To supply Creole Bibles and teach the true Gospel.


Feed the People


Most of us can't imagine what it is like to be truly hungry. Some of us don't even eat the crust off of our sandwich. But there are Haitian people who have become so desperate as to literally eating dirt to survive.


The Mission:


To feed each person attending the Christian Haitian Outreach


Join us in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti!

Please click play to view our intro video of our 2015 Mission Trip with Pastor Horace Pritchett and the Missions Team!!!